Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thou SHALL Steal?

I stole this from a friend of mine, and it is a MUST SHARE!!!

A Daddy Alarm,
By Julie Banton
Pierson Station, Illinois,, USA

At our house we have a "Dad Alarm.” This is a recurring alarm that I set on my cell phone. It goes off one hour before my husband arrives home from work. It reminds my children to clean up any messes around the house and tidy themselves up. It reminds the older children and me to start supper. It also reminds me to make sure my clothes are fresh, to fix my make up and my hair and say a prayer for my big sweet hubby.

To be honest, we are not as consistent with this as I would like to be. Sometimes the alarm goes off and I ignore it, thinking to myself "too busy." But when we are consistent, the results are not only a blessing to my husband, but a blessing to our whole household. My husband is never "too busy" to go to work to provide for his family and this family should never be to busy to provide a warm, clean, "Welcome Home" for him.

Here is a picture of my sweet hubby! I am so blessed to be his wife, and I will for sure be implementing the Daddy Alarm at our home! :) You should too!!! :)

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